Convert Industrial Automation Protocols to IoT Cloud Protocols

Katriot Technologies


Bridging between Industrial Automation Protocols and Cloud Friendly Protocols.

Implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is made easy.

OPC to MQTT makes Live Data anywhere

Live Data Anywhere


Take your remote Plants data to your Central Server or Cloud.

Stream live data across devices and users anywhere in the world.

OPC to REST Integrate Enterprise data

Integrate Data


Integrate all your Plants data seamlessly to your Enterprise systems.

Manage your important assets on the Plant floor.

Derive operational intelligence from your plant data with data analytics.

Applications of Our Technology

There are many (Imagination is the Limit), a few are below
Legacy Automation System to New Age Cloud

Legacy Automation to Your Cloud

Take data from existing Legacy Industrial Automation systems to New Age Cloud without disturbing it.

Just interface the standard industrial protocols on which the existing system has been built with our bridge to the Cloud friendly protocols

Remote Plant Data to Your Cloud

Connect Where Network is at Premium

Take your remote Plant data where network bandwidth is at premium to your Cloud with ease.

Just use our Bridge and convert the Heavy Industrial Protocol to Light Weight Cloud protocol.

Integrate Multiple Systems

Integrate Multiple Systems

Integrate Multiple Automation Systems provided by different vendors with your own single cloud solution.

Connect Industry Standard Protocols at multiple systems with our Bridge to a single system of your own.

Our Products

OPC - REST Bridge
OPC to REST Bridge
Modbus - MQTT Bridge
Modbus to MQTT Bridge
OPC - MQTT Bridge
OPC to MQTT Bridge
Modbus to REST Bridge
Modbus to REST Bridge

Our Services

Enterprise Integration

We architect and develop customized solutions to Integrate your plant floor data to your Enterprises System.

Operational Intelligence

With our in-depth knowledge of different industries, we develop customized solutions which will create value you.

Live Data Monitoring

We Develop Customized Solutions to handle the Streaming Data from Remote Plants. We make live data available on your finger tips.

Asset Management

Manage your assets and schedule your maintenance with our solutions which are made just for you.

Why Katriot ?

We know both Industrial Automation and Information Technology
  • One size doesn’t fit all, Customized solutions for you.
  • Choose your own Cloud, Private, Public or Hybrid.
  • Don’t get locked-up with one Cloud provider.
  • Its your data, you choose the place where it has to stay.
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Low Cost and affordable
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