IIoT1Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT is the fourth Industrial Revolution under making, also some times referred to as Industry 4.0. It is about harnessing the power of latest Cloud Computing Technologies with the Industrial Data. It makes companies smart and helps to derive operational intelligence which improves the bottom lines.

To implement  Industrial Internet of Things, it is important to get the Industry Data to Cloud first. Many of the leading Cloud platforms in the world today made it easy to push / pull the data to them in RESTful and MQTT protocols. Since these are stateless and very light weight protocols it becomes easy to get the data to Cloud even with challenging network environments.

Most of the Industrial Plants in the world are Automated now. These Automation systems are built upon Industrial Protocols like Modbus and Profibus to take the data from Machines, Sensors and Devices to Control Systems. These protocols were first designed and Standardized as Serial protocols nearly three decades ago. When the need arose for the interoperability of Control Systems, protocols like Modbus TCP and OPC-DA came into existence and became very popular in the field of Industrial Automation. Most of the existing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems in the industrial Plants are running on these protocols. These are Synchronous protocols which Operate in Master – Slave format and built upon COM-DCOM technologies are designed to work on Industrial Networks.

ProtoBridgeIf we have to connect these Existing Automation Systems to Cloud for implementing IIoT, it becomes difficult to implement a Modbus TCP Master or a OPC-DA client in the Cloud to acquire, store and process lot of Industrial data from multiple plants at a time. It is also costly to implement them in the Cloud as they require more processing power and network bandwidth.

With many years of our professional experience and research we have designed tools to bridge these Industrial Automation protocols to Cloud ready format of REST and MQTT. With these tools you can easily take your existing Automation System Data to any Cloud you want.

We make your Implementation of Industrial Internet of Things Easy. Contact Us to know more and for the trial software.


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